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Greenlight Laser Prostate Surgery, done in the Office!

Aug 20, 2014 — by markhongmd
Tags: Gmaz3 Prostate Bph News Healthcare

You know the guy.  The guy that takes longer than anyone else at the urinal to finish at the ball game.  Maybe it's the guy in front of you in line.  Maybe it's your Dad.  Your friend.  Your spouse.  Or You.

You may be suffering from symptoms of BPH, a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate.  But you may not know that there are minimally invasive ways to help with this, even in the convenience of the doctor's office.  As featured on 3TV Primetime,  Dr. Hong discusses the Greenlight laser TURP procedure done in his office!

Stopping the Urge to Go: Overactive Bladder Treatment

Aug 18, 2014 — by markhongmd
Tags: Urologist Overactive Bladder

Do you suffer from sudden, unexpected urges to urinate? You may have an overactive bladder. Find out how this condition can be treated.

Back to the Future - What is Today's Snake Oil?

Aug 18, 2014 — by markhongmd

There was a time and place when some really smart people thought the Edsel car would be a hit.  Or New Coke and Crystal Pepsi for that matter.  (1958)  Ever wonder what the Edsel in our medical times is?

Music to your Health

Aug 11, 2014 — by markhongmd

Is there a connection between music and health?  Can music heal?  Why do so many physicians tend to play musical instruments?  Read on to see how physician notes of a different kind can affect your health!

Football Season Starts! How's your Testosterone?

Aug 9, 2014 — by markhongmd
Tags: Gmaz3 News Urology Testosterone

Preseason starts today with the Cardinals taking on the Texans tonight.  Ever wonder what happens to your testosterone when your team scores the winning touchdown with time running out?  Find out from Dr. Mark Hong on this segment from 3TV.

Stung by the Scorpion - #Desertlifestyle

Aug 8, 2014 — by markhongmd

The New England Journal of Medicine recently devoted an entire article to scorpion stings.   Nice to know the rest of the world cares!  Read on to find out what the scientists say.

Contaminated Water - Holy Toledo!

Aug 7, 2014 — by markhongmd
Tags: Urology Kidney Stones

Has anyone followed this water shortage situation in Toledo, Ohio?  Why it may hit closer to home than you think.

Summer Stone Season - Kidney Stone Prevention and Treatment

Aug 6, 2014 — by markhongmd
Tags: Aztv7 News Healthcare Kidney Stones

April showers bring May flowers...but Summer sun brings kidney stones!  Dr. Hong discusses what to do if you have kidney stones and how to prevent them with Pat McMahon on Morning Scramble from PBS-affiliate AZTV.  

Aphrodiasiacs for the Kitchen...and the Bedroom

Aug 5, 2014 — by markhongmd
Tags: Nbc Kpnx12 News Healthcare

Turning the grocery store into a natural pharmacy for your sex life.  Dr. Hong talks natural aphrodisiacs on NBC Primetime from the produce aisle!

What Blood in Your Urine Means for Your Health

May 16, 2014 — by markhongmd | Comments (0)
Tags: Urologist Haematuria

Though it’s not something we often talk about, blood in urine can indicate health issues.

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