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If you suffer from urological issues, Dr. Mark Hong can provide you with the exceptional care you deserve. Our office features state of-the-art-equipment and a compassionate, highly trained staff. Dr. Hong always puts the patient first. He practices an individualized approach to care, and will work closely with you to find the best treatment option to address your unique needs and goals. 

Dr. Hong is well known for his advanced skills and pioneering work in minimally invasive procedures. He is also one of the only surgeons in the world to offer Greenlight™ Laser Technology in the office, an effective treatment for benign enlargement of the prostrate. Learn more about the state-of-the-art urology procedures available at our Phoenix offices by scheduling an appointment with us today. 

Greenlight XPS™ Laser Technology

An alternative to traditional surgery, Greenlight XPS™ laser therapy can effectively treat benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), or an enlarged prostate. This highly precise tool vaporizes excess prostate tissue with reduced bleeding and discomfort, as well as a shorter recovery time.

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This minimally invasive procedure can treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) by deploying several small implants to pin or "tent" open the inner channel of the prostate. This process allows for a better flow of urine without affecting ejaculation or sexual function.  

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Robotic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Procedures

Dr. Hong is a leader in the field of robotic and minimally invasive procedures, which can be used to treat an enlarged prostate, cancer, and other conditions. This approach offers a number of benefits, including enhanced healing, shorter recovery time, and reduced risks and side effects. 

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Kidney Stone Surgery

In many cases, lithotripsy can break up kidney stones using sound wave technology. For more complex or challenging cases, surgical intervention may be recommended. Dr. Hong can evaluate your needs to determine the best form of treatment for you.

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If you have severe overactive bladder that has failed to respond to medical therapy, InterStim® may be a feasible option for you. This neuromodulation technique addresses the cause of the condition and aims to improve communication between the brain and the nerves that control bladder function.

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Vasectomy & Vasectomy Reversals

Dr. Hong can perform a vasectomy if you wish to avoid impregnating a partner and a vasectomy reversal if you have changed your mind about becoming a father. To ensure you feel confident in your decision, our team can review your goals and the procedural process.

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Penile Prosthetics

For men with erectile dysfunction, Dr. Hong offers inflatable and semi-rigid prosthetics, which can restore your ability to achieve and sustain an erection. After reviewing your health and goals, Dr. Hong can recommend the best option for you.

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Cancer Treatments

Today, we have many advanced methods of cancer treatment available, ranging from chemotherapy and radiation, to surgical and laser treatment options. Dr. Hong will work with you to create an aggressive, individualized treatment plan. 

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Laparoscopic Kidney Removal

Dr. Hong is considered an expert in performing laparoscopic nephrectomy procedures to remove a diseased or cancerous kidney. In comparison to traditional surgery, this minimally invasive technique results in less post-operative pain and scarring, as well as a shorter hospital stay.

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High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

This high-precision treatment utilizes extremely focused acoustic energy to destroy the diseased tissues caused by prostate cancer. This treatment is beneficial for patients with a single tumor and cannot be used to address cancer that has spread to other areas of the body.

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Urodynamic Testing

Urodynamic testing allows us to analyze how well your bladder and urethra are storing and releasing urine. The results of your study can be used to determine the best form of treatment for incontinence, frequent urination, painful urination, and recurrent urinary tract infections.

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Urethral Slings

For patients with urinary incontinence, a urethral sling can provide an effective solution. During treatment, we can place this device around the urethra, and it will lift the urethra into the proper position. A sling can improve urine retention and alleviate discomfort associated with incontinence.

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Prolapse Repair

We treat two common forms of prolapse: bladder prolapse and urethra prolapse. We can usually repair both types with a relatively simple surgical procedure, which returns the fallen organ to its original position and strengthens the walls of the organ to prevent future failures.

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Artificial Urinary Sphincter

Many men leak urine involuntarily, especially if they have had their prostate removed as a result of cancer. However, modern techniques enable us to cure leakage with an inflatable artificial sphincter, so you can resume living freely without pads.

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Holistic Urology

Dr. Hong believes a holistic approach to urology can combat and prevent the recurrence of infections and diseases. This method focuses on the patient's overall health, and emphasizes the role of good nutrition and regular physical activity in keeping problems at bay.

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