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Nocturia, or nighttime urination, can cause you to wake throughout the night, significantly impacting your day to day routine. In women, nocturia can be caused by a variety of issues such as overactive bladder, excessive nighttime urine production or urinary tract infection. This form can be treated with a combination of lifestyle changes, medication and non-invasive treatments. In men, nocturia is the leading symptom of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate. For patients with BPH-related nocturia, Dr. Y. Mark Hong in Phoenix, AZ, offers advanced nocturia treatment options such as UroLift®  and Greenlight XPS™ Laser Therapy, which are less invasive than the traditional surgical method. If you are experiencing nocturia, it is important to be evaluated by an experienced urologist like Y. Mark Hong, who can determine the underlying cause and provide effective treatment.  

What Causes Nocturia?

Although the majority of patients who suffer from nocturia are usually over 60 years old, this condition can affect men and women of all ages. In women, nocturia can be caused by overactive bladder, pregnancy, menopause, or pelvic prolapse. In men, nocturia generally results from BPH. Because the prostate gland is located just below the bladder, problems with the prostate often produce symptoms related to urination. These can include a slower stream, longer urination time, and a higher frequency of urination.

Other factors may contribute to nocturia, including overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome, excessive nighttime urine production, certain medications, and consumption of alcohol or caffeinated beverages. This condition can also be attributed to more serious health problems including edema, diabetes, and neurological disorders. It is important to discuss any and all factors that could trigger nocturia with your doctor to ensure proper treatment.

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Nocturia can cause you to wake throughout the night, taking a serious toll on you overall health and wellbeing.

Evaluation for Nocturia

To diagnose nocturia, Dr. Hong will ask you a number of questions about your urination patterns. As many of these will relate to fluid intake and the frequency of urination, it can be very helpful to keep a diary for a few days prior to your appointment. In addition, Dr. Hong will evaluate your medical history, including any medications you currently take. Depending upon your unique circumstances, he may request a series of tests to examine your blood, urine, and prostate. 

Nocturia can cause you to wake throughout the night, taking a serious toll on your overall health and wellbeing.

Treatment Options

Based upon Dr. Hong's diagnosis, he may recommend one of several treatments. These typically include medications, behavior modification, or some combination of the two. If your nocturia is caused by an enlarged prostate, Dr. Hong can address the underlying issue with minimally invasive techniques. Traditionally, BPH is treated with transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), in which excess prostate tissue is surgically removed. However, Dr. Hong offers two less invasive methods that result in reduced discomfort and faster healing, including:

  • UroLift: This 10 minute procedure can alleviate mild to moderate BPH symptoms and can be done under local anesthetic only
  • Greenlight XPS Laser Therapy: For patients with more severe symptoms, this endoscopic treatment is extremely precise and reduces the risk of damage to healthy tissue.

Dr. Hong is one of the few doctors who can perform both of these procedures in the comfort of his office. Not only can treatment help to minimize or eliminate symptoms, but it can greatly improve your quality of life.

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Whether it is caused by BPH or another issue, nocturia can be disruptive and overwhelming. Fortunately, Dr. Hong offers state-of-the-art treatments than can provide relief. If you are suffering from nocturia, schedule an evaluation today by calling (602) 337-8500 or filling out our online form.

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