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InterStim® and Other Urology Procedures for Overactive Bladder

By markhongmd on April 13, 2015

Man in hospital bed with his wife standing next to himAn overactive bladder can have an enormous impact on your quality of life. The condition can make patients self conscious and limit their activities. Fortunately, Dr. Mark Hong offers effective treatment for an overactive bladder. If you have tried other urology procedures without success, you may be a good candidate for InterStim®.This implantable device sends mild electric shocks to the nerves that control bladder function. InterStim® received FDA-approval in 1997. Since then, more than 175,000 patients have benefited from this treatment. Before recommending InterStim®, Dr. Hong will discuss your symptoms and conduct a full exam so he can determine the most appropriate treatment for your needs. To learn more about InterStim® for an overactive bladder, contact our Phoenix practice today.

Overactive Bladder Symptoms

An overactive bladder can manifest itself in several ways. The symptoms of this condition include:

  • Frequent urges to urinate
  • Sudden, uncontrollable urges to urinate
  • Waking up more than two times during the night to go to the bathroom
  • Incontinence following a sudden, strong urge to urinate

What Causes an Overactive Bladder?

Along with various symptoms, an overactive bladder can result from a number of factors. Some of the causes of this condition include:

  • Nerve damage, due to a physical injury (herniated disc, pelvic damage, etc.)
  • A neurological condition (Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, etc.)
  • Damage to the pelvic muscles, often due to pregnancy
  • Certain medications
  • A high consumption of caffeine or alcohol
  • Infection
  • Being overweight

An overactive bladder is more common among seniors. If you suffer from the symptoms of an overactive bladder, talk to Dr. Hong about your treatment options.  

What Is InterStim®?

InterStim® is an innovative new option for patients with overactive bladders. If you qualify for the treatment, Dr. Hong will implant this small device near your tailbone. It will send mild electrical stimuli to the nerves that control bladder function. This will regulate the signals between these nerves and your brain. InterStim® can normalize your urges to urinate. Because the InterStim® device is so small, the surgery involves minimal risks. Nevertheless, like all surgeries, there are some potential side effects. The most common include swelling, bruising, and uncomfortable stimulation. For most patients, however, InterStim® greatly reduces their symptoms and helps them return to their active lifestyle. If you are not happy with InterStim®, Dr. Hong can remove the device.

Is InterStim® Right for You?

InterStim® involves surgical implantation. Although the surgery poses negligible risks, Dr. Hong will typically recommend that you try other, more conservative treatments first. These options include:

  • Exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles
  • Bladder retraining
  • Dietary changes
  • Quitting smoking
  • Losing weight
  • Medications
  • BOTOX® injections
  • Catheterization

To determine your candidacy for InterStim®, Dr. Hong will conduct a full evaluation. An expert in urological treatment, Dr. Hong will work carefully to determine the most appropriate solution for you.

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